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kandicegSara provides an extraordinary method for organizing my goals and fine tuning my vision – in a way I could have never done on my own. The best part is she helps me accomplish dreams in small, doable chunks in manageable, realistic time frames. She has intuitive and keen listening skills and repeats back my ideas in a way that reveals my own radiance. This is a beautiful process I have never experienced with anyone before. My favorite part about Sara’s life coaching is her ability to see right into my soul. She has a rare talent for understanding what I am truly seeking at a “deep life-purpose level” and provides the tools, encouragement, common sense, and juicy soul magic to help me make it happen at my highest authenticity. If you are ready to create your own destiny, I highly recommend Sara as your catalyst.”  Kandice Grossman |


jadeFor years, I’ve tried to make a place for myself in this world as a gifted woman. I struggled to connect and communicate with people in a way that felt authentic to myself yet accessible to those around me. My work with Sara has been revolutionary. She sees me and she helps me see me too. She has always helped me defeat my imposter syndrome and show up in the world as the independent, respected, intelligent woman I always wanted to be. In addition to emotional support, she provides the concrete support I need to move forward with my writing and business. My scientific background had made it difficult for me to write in a way that reaches my audience. After working with Sara, my writing has totally transformed. Now I’m publishing regular articles on my blog about gifted education with wide readership and massive success. Bless her, and long live Sara Yamtich!” Jade Rivera |


krystaAs far as I’m concerned, Sara’s coaching is absolutely perfect. And I don’t say that blindly. I’ve worked with other therapists and coaches, all of whom are lovely… and I’ve gained a lot from working with them. But I’m pretty sure I’m smarter than they are. Which drives me crazy. Sara challenges me in a way that I can’t predict, which is very, very important for my brain. Focus is NOT my strength, nor is being really concrete, and Sara compassionately reigns me in. She asks smart questions that keep me from meandering off into my navel gazing-tendencies. Sara sees the best version of me. She gives me the freedom to focus on the good things about myself and expand them, instead of trying to fix or cope with my weaknesses. She frames everything in a really positive way; I never feel like I’m being chastised or misunderstood. And I love the way that she repeats back my a-ha moments without me even realizing I was having them. Her insights are awesomely accurate, totally resonate with me, and make me think that something magical happened when we found each other. She’s got some pretty amazing generosity of spirit.” Krysta Ann Williams |


bradI’ve known Sara as a friend for several years now. When I recently ended a long-term relationship and moved across the country, I sought out Sara’s coaching assistance. I’ve always struggled in my relationships with confidence and worthiness. Coupled with a new place and new people, I needed some support and guidance. Sara’s coaching helping me navigate the dating scene, which I haven’t been involved in for longer than I care to admit. She has helped navigate these waters with integrity; helping me stay true to who I am and what I need. She has been there for big picture advice and visioning all the way down to the minutiae of coaching me through tough conversations with the important relationships in my life. She’s the best. Truly. Her input and advice has been priceless!” Brad Gentner |


joannaIt always amazes me how much can be accomplished in one, short session. I got more clarity about things that hold me back and how I can actively work on removing them. I loved how Sara intuitively and compassionately offered suggestions about my obstacles, and how she was always on the right track. Later that day, I went deeper into the meaning of the things we discussed. What I discovered in the session with Sara ended up evolving, bringing more and more insight and clarity. Priceless! Also, we tend to forget what’s unique about us. Sara could easily identify it. I am grateful to her for noticing and reminding me.” Joanna Zajusz |


nikkiI had my first coaching session with Sara at what was possibly the worst time in my life. I was uninspired, passionless, and searching for something without knowing what that something was. Her compassion and patience with me during our first session hit me hard and left me feeling that something… exactly what I had been looking for. That something was empowerment. Sara had seen the version of me I knew was there, even if it wasn’t showing up in the mirror. She saw it, and then did something even more amazing… she made me believe in that version of me. She told me what it looked like, what it felt like, what it smelled like. Since then, I have seen that version of me when I look in the mirror, and I hear it when I speak. I have rekindled my passions and started really living, rather than merely surviving. That’s the magic of empowerment…it can happen in a moment, totally unexpected, and change a life’s course forever. Sara was totally willing to ask the questions that I had been asking myself silently. Her insights, support, and ability to challenge me to think and feel like a rockstar have completely revolutionized my entire way of living. I have known since we first spoke that I could trust her, and that she wasn’t going to let me get away with settling for second best. The things I took from my sessions with Sara continue to inspire me and help me to believe in the best me there is. Sara helped me to make the most important discovery of my life: life, when you’re really living, is utterly amazing. I’m convinced that if she keeps inspiring people like she’s inspired me, Sara’s going to change the world.” Nikki Cole


roryI was feeling pretty discouraged about my life recently – hard time finding steady work, hands tied on opportunities because I’m a single dad, savings drained, etc. I felt a little bit like I’ve been treading water, no matter what I tried. Sara really listened to me. The space she created for me helped me regain some perspective and room to strategize. Sara helped me set goals for the future, specifically about securing full time work, finding work doing what I love and doubling my income. She also had very intuitive and perceptive questions to ask me about how to look at my circumstances and find new ways of working the solution, instead of worrying about the problem. I immediately found myself passionate and motivated as a writer and spokesperson again. By the end of the month, I was brought on part-time as the first employee of the web design start-up I was doing freelance work for, and the podcast I produce and co-host started attracting a larger audience. But the cherry on top, I am proud to say, is that after 10 weeks, I was employed full time at the web design company and had successfully doubled my income. I am the “other half” of our fast growing business, indispensable to the company and I love what I do! The future has a lot of great opportunities and growth on the horizon, personally and professionally. I had previously viewed life coaches dubiously, somewhere between psychology and voodoo, but Sara changed my mind. Sara’s coaching was exactly what I needed and helped me transform my life.” Rory Dowd |


courtneyAfter talking with Sara, I feel present and grounded. Sara distilled my meandering monologues. Prior to our speaking, I was in a topsy-turvy place and feeling stuck there, as if my internal chaos were a fog dulling my senses and separating me from my environment. Now I feel much more calm and clear, and better able to navigate with confidence. My very favorite moment was when she performed a perfect pivot: from my using gratitude as a way to shame myself, into my being able to experience that gratitude with no strings attached. It felt like it was a very organic, effortless response.” Courtney Abbott |


gailSara is fantastic, and I felt an immediate connection with her. After talking, I feel much more hopeful, like maybe there is a way somehow to get back to doing what I love and still make a living.It was initially difficult to articulate exactly how I felt about things. Now I can clearly state what I miss about the work I previously did, why it was so meaningful to me, and what makes my heart sing. Sara was validating and pointed out my strengths, which made them clearer to me. She was genuine and engaging, which helped to build trust quickly. I loved how easy it was to talk to her and how quickly she was able to identify and address specific ways I could move forward. Her positive interpretation of some of the negatives I identified helped me see those things differently.” Gail Reynoso


janeBefore our call, I lacked focus and clarity and felt overwhelmed. I loved how much Sara listened and just let me talk. She did not judge me or try to talk me into anything; instead she gently encouraged me to see for myself what I needed to do. This was genius because it instantly made me the author of my own destiny and put me in a position of power over myself.Sara gave me a space in which to create an image of how I wanted my business to develop. Now I have a clear focus and a goal that I will not allow myself to sabotage.” Jane Rapin |


helenaSara was great at putting my cluttered thoughts into clear actions.
Loved having someone guiding me and giving ideas. I liked how direct and straightforward Sara is. No bullshit. Loved her ideas, creativity and happy personality! Plus her personal story is inspirational. Things are moving! Love the accountability.” Helena Osorio |


Without judgment, or prior knowledge, or pre-conceived notions Sara helped me find my own answers with integrity and ease.  The conversation flows as freely as during happy hour with my very best friends; the difference is that I get to be the selfish one talking about me the whole time, and it is perfectly appropriate. Being a natural giver I have never been on the receiving end of truly self-centered relationship. As an extrovert I process everything through people; having time set aside to have someone focus on me and pour into me is truly life giving. I am thankful for the guidance, encouragement, neurosis management (not the clinical kind but close), and general sense of unconditional positive regard I receive from Sara and all the amazingness that she is.” Tracy Hull


Sara does a fantastic job of listening. For the first time, I’ve felt heard when I talk about this crazy idea of mine. She is great at taking in my meandering monologue about my dreams and goals and re-framing it as something we could assign action items to and achieve. As a result, I’ve now set aside an hour each day to devote to my goal of becoming a professional artist, and I’m getting closer to a true picture of what that career looks like.“ Lisa W.


After years of being dissatisfied with Scottish mental health ‘professional’ diagnoses, I stumbled across the term ‘giftedness’ online and it immediately resonated with my heart. I was on the hunt for a ‘co-pilot’ to help me navigate the pain of living as an imperfect human being. I had entered my twenties without receiving any meaningful careers advice that helped me find fulfillment and I lacked knowledge of any techniques that truly helped me cope with my unique emotional needs. I was fed up with trying to ‘fix’ my perfectionism and frustrated with therapists who could not keep up with my pace of thought. Enter Co-pilot Sara. Over the course of 2014 I have gone from a ‘recovering anorexic traumatised by treatment’ to a ‘gifted poet who has stopped looking to the professionals for answers’. Sara has helped me in a range of wonderful (and often wacky) ways – such as giving me guidance on building a website, setting goals for the festive period, helping me cope with the trauma of first dates, proof reading my memoirs, enabling me to connect with other revolutionaries- all of which have helped me cope with life short-term while also building a deeper understanding of myself. However, for me, the most valuable aspect of our relationship is having someone to simply offload to when my brain gets intense –sending off an email detailing all my latest innermost torments to someone who ‘gets’ it can bring such a relief!” Anonymous
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