Get inspiration for existential crisis management & vision for your revolutionary growth spurt

You have a lot going on in that beautiful mind of yours.

And with your high standards, limited time, and limited resources, I imagine you wouldn’t want to work with just anyone.
So it’s incredibly important that we ask this question…


Are we a match made in cosmic heaven?

There are tons of coaches out there and we all have different areas of expertise and operate with different approaches and styles.
But my clients (and I) tend to have some things in common… and it’s pretty rare to find a coach that does what I do. Check out the descriptions below, and if you think we’d hit it off, then we should definitely talk.


This is the state of having multiple exceptional skills, any of which could make for a great career.

While this can sound more like a blessing than a curse, having too many options can get in the way of deep investment and actualizing your brilliance. As a result, you may not fully understand how amazing you are.

Insatiable curiosity

You need to know all the things. You have a thirst for knowledge, and when you’re into something, you’ll stop at nothing to understand all there is to know about the topic. You voraciously blaze through books and projects, and your interests may change from month to month.

While your insatiable curiosity can be fun, it can also mean you have an unquenchable need for stimulation. This can feel like unfulfillment when you’re at a job or in a relationship that doesn’t quench your thirst.

High sensitivity & perceptivity

You process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly than other people. You pick up on subtleties, like intonation and minor contradictions. You’re highly empathic and intuitive, and you notice things most people never would.

The flipside is that you’re often dismissed as too emotional or overlooked as too nice or introverted.


You have the highest of standards for nearly everything in your life. When you care about something, you have a laser-like attention to detail that ensures what you’re putting out is the best you can offer.

Perfectionism often leads to procrastination and avoidance. When we can’t have it perfect, we don’t do anything at all.


This is the epitome of your brilliance — perfectionism applied to one’s own self-actualization and your contribution to the world. It’s the drive to evolve and focus on your highest goals.

There’s no shadow to entelechy, though it does mean you’re not taking the easy path in life. You won’t settle for unfulfilling careers, empty relationships or any kind of stagnation.

If you’re finding yourself nodding in agreement as you read all this, I bet we’d work really well together. And you’re probably ready to start your next {r}evolution.


What’s a {r}evolution, you ask?

The {r}evolution is about rising to the occasion to be your highest self. It’s a personal transformation. It could seem tiny, like a shift in the way you think about something. Or it could seem huge, like working up to a major career change or big geographical change. Regardless, it takes guts. And you don’t have to do it alone.

My coaching integrates therapeutic social work, yoga, meditation, Nonviolent Communication, and gifted theory into a rich experience that is both practical and transformative.

Dying of curiosity yet? If so, you’re my kind of person.

Seismic shift single session

I rarely work with clients for just one session as I need longer than that to really understand you and help you achieve that {r}evolutionary shift in your life.
However, if you do want one session, we can still achieve quite a lot in an hour.
This is best suited for people who want help making a decision or doing some intensive work on a single situation.


Global {r}evolution package

Designed for people that would like help in overcoming one or two issues such as gaining clarity around purpose and meaning, removing the feeling of being ‘stuck’ and/ or help in managing and finding peace through all that anxiety and ‘overthinking’ that comes with being a {r}evolutionary.

* 4 x 1 hour sessions
* Email support for the duration of the coaching sessions
* Sessions valid for 2 months from date of booking


Cosmic {r}evolution package

With this package, it doesn’t really matter if you know what it is you want to change, or if just know your want your life to be different. Perhaps you’re thinking of shifting careers or changing geographical location. This package gives me enough time to explore deeply with you, examine and feel into all the possible trajectories, develop a vision, and help work towards some major {r}evolutionary changes in your life.
* 12 x 1 hour sessions
* Email support for the duration of the coaching sessions
* Sessions valid for 4 months from date of booking

Kandice Grossman

kandicegShe has intuitive and keen listening skills and repeats back my ideas in a way that reveals my own radiance. She has a rare talent for understanding what I am truly seeking at a “deep life-purpose level” and provides the tools, encouragement, common sense, and juicy soul magic to help me make it happen at my highest authenticity.”
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